So I walked into a very popular pizza joint to…….of course eat pizza!
They seemed not to have a ‘chicken only’ pizza on the menu so I requested for a chicken pizza without sausage.
I was expecting the same toppings on the pizza I ordered for, minus just the sausage. When the pizza was ready, I was served with a pizza crust with cheese and chicken only, to my amazement.
No vegetables- nothing else aside chicken and cheese!
I decided not to complain and eat it anyway.img_20160918_152100

(The pizza I was served with)

It tasted like the worst pizza I’d eaten in a long while.
I ordered for fresh mango juice on the menu too, and to my surprise it tasted exactly like a Pure Joy or Don Simon boxed juice!

Anyway, I managed to eat just 3 slices of the pizza and sat there watching Italian Serie A and at the same time drafting what you are reading.
The waitress came around and asked if I was okay, and I politely said I was full, resisting the urge to be brutally honest.

Hoping she’d carry that thing they called Pizza away, so I’d be able to concentrate on the game between Inter Milan and Juventus and this blog post, she asked if she could package it for me.
Again, I didn’t want to be mean so I agreed for her to package it – only for her to return with an extra bill for the package, ‘what a wow! ‘
So I walked away from that very popular pizza joint still hungry, and with a take-away pizza I didn’t want to eat, in a useless pack I didn’t bargain for!
And oh, with the preserved taste of a perceived to be pure joy mango juice, served to me as natural mango juice!
I regretted visiting that particular popular joint in the name of “variety is the spice of life”.
How I dearly missed the hot and ingredients-rich pizza served at my favourite pizza hangouts.

Anyway, these are the best pizza joints in Ghana by far, from my experiences:

1)Mama Mia Pizzeria – Osu Oxford Street.
The ambience at Mama Mia is naturally relaxing, aside the rich taste of the pizza.
The sitting is mostly under trees and the pizza is baked in a clay oven- what we call ” funu” in Ghana.
Mama Mia can’t go wrong.
My only problem was during my first visit, a house fly decided to have a sip of my freshly squeezed fruit juice, so it fell into my glass!
I had no idea why that huge fly was on my case that early evening because looking around, everyone else was enjoying their Pizza and Lobsters with no problem at all.
This is where most Italians and other expatriates eat pizza.
“Gods of Pizza” – Italians, flock here to eat Pizza, so this should tell you a lot!
If you want to taste an expertly prepared and very tasty pizza, prepared in a natural oven, try Mama Mia pizza.
Mama Mia by far is the best pizza hangout in Ghana.
Mama Mia is located at Osu Oxford street, 7th lane.


2)Captain Chicken – Tema:
Irrespective of how good the pizza served at Mama Mia tastes, I sometimes have a hard time choosing between Mama Mia pizza and pizza served at Captain Chicken, Tema branch.
This is where I mostly go to eat pizza since it is closer to my residence, compared to Mama Mia in Osu.
This pizza is delicious and expertly prepared too, I love it.
Captain Chicken is former Peter Pan, and it is located at Tema Community 10, not far from the Regular Baptist church.


3)Baritas Restaurant- Atomic Junction-
Well, well, well, I wish I could rate Baritas same as Captain Chicken.
These people are another experts in pizza making, and the best when it comes to varieties of spices and toppings.
Excellent and professional customer service, cozy atmosphere, and of course delicious pizza.
You should try and visit this place.
It is not too far from the atomic junction, on the legon-madina highway.


5)Pinocchio Gelato Italiano – Osu
Oxford Street:
Being an Italian restaurant, I expected them to have the best pizza in town.
The pizza here is also rich in taste, but my expectations were very high, considering that it is Italian.
The pizza was not bad at all but I was expecting the taste to be on the same level as Mama Mia’s, if not better than.
This place has a luxurious setting and a good choice for a date. Italians flock here too.

If you want some of the best Italian Cuisines and ice cream in town, visit Pinocchio Gelato Italiano.
Pinocchio is located at Osu, not too far from Citizen Kofi.

Did you realise there was no number 4 on the list?
Well, it was no mistake.
I respectfully reserved the 4th spot for Arsenal:




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  1. Funu is not oven, it means corpse. Twi word for oven is FOONOO.
    Baritas is exactly at atomic junction, on the ground floor of the story building by the benab petrol filling station.

  2. Hmm junction tins instead of pizza??? correction soor gh ppl know instead of aguing abt Wat a junction is add ur favorite pizza joints ehh ma guy kwame. Ba it’s ur fault karisma u had to use d arsenal punch line??. If I were an arsenal fun I wod go harder on u Dan kwame did

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