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On today’s edition of One-On-One With Karisma is the sensational singer and rapper, Nuel Triumph:

Karisma: Who is Nuel Triumph?
Nuel Triumph: Nuel Triumph is a Ghanaian based, Nigerian born Christian rapper and singer. Last of four children, born to Pastor & Mrs Adefarakan.
Karisma: Where did you grow up?
Nuel Triumph: My early years were in Nigeria, Lagos to be precise. I came to Ghana when I was about ten years. Been here ever since.
Karisma: Where from the name Nuel Triumph?
Nuel Triumph: Well, Nuel was carved out of Emmanuel which is my Christian name. Triumph on the other hand, I chose as a result of something my mother once said. She said, the name one puts upon themselves does a great deal in shaping their future. So I chose Triumph because it speaks positivity and victory.
Karisma: How long have you been in the music industry?
Nuel Triumph: Over a year now, but I’ve been doing music for as long as I can remember.
Karisma: When did you start rapping and who/what inspired you to do music?
Nuel Triumph: I think I was eight or nine when I started, my elder brother had a lot of CDs of Ja Rule, Ludacris, Eminem, 50 cent and the likes. So we listened together most of the time and because I was young, I’d just learn their lyrics and show off to my friends when I got to school. I started writing my own stuff in my second year in high school. I met this guy called Piiwada, who after listening to me do the raps of other people inspired me to write my own stuff. He said he saw greatness in me. I’d say the love of music inspired me to do music. It’s something you’re born with basically, every rapper or singer would relate to where I’m coming from.
Karisma: Are you currently signed to any major music label?
Nuel Triumph: Well, I won’t say we’re a major music label now, but yeah, I’m signed to Trump Music Group.
Karisma: Do you have any albums on the market yet? How many albums so far?
Nuel Triumph: No I don’t. I’m working on a couple now though.
Karisma: what time in the day do you enjoy writing most?
Nuel Triumph: I write anytime, depending on the inspiration or how I’m feeling, but I prefer to write at dawn when the environment is serene and quiet.
Karisma: Do you listen to secular/mainstream rap/music? If yes, can you tell us why and also name your favourite secular artist?
Nuel Triumph: Yes I do. My reason being that, some ‘secular’ artists do clean music with pure motives and messages which could help build and develop an individual’s character traits and patterns morally and sometimes even spiritually. You’d be shocked that a secular artist could actually point a sinner to the cross while a Christian artist’s message would rather draw that sinner away. Notwithstanding, I’m very picky of those I listen to. Right now, I’d say Jermaine Cole is my guy.
Karisma: Is it a sin to listen to secular music, and why?
Nuel Triumph: Well, it depends on your definition of secular music. If by secular music, you mean profane music. Then YES it’s a sin. But if the music is impacting and enlightening and devoid of any form of profane, vain sentiments and ill will, then NO it’s not.
Karisma: Do you think Gospel rap has a future in Ghana, and why?
Nuel Triumph: Oh! Most certainly. I strongly believe that God is recruiting an army of strong-willed soldiers for His work and its only a matter of time before His promises manifest. With the likes of Kingzkid, Regardless, Esaias, Lil Zig, Jay Shady, The Kings’ Crew on the scene as well as some other seasoned artists I cannot mention, God’s plan is most evident.
Karisma: Some are of the view that Gospel rap should be done mostly in the streets and not in Church on a Sunday morning, cos there is time for everything. Do you think rap music belongs in the church, and why…
Nuel Triumph: It belongs everywhere in my opinion. The only problem is that some people still have not accepted rap as something that should be done by a Christian. Sometimes depending on the song and the audience, the artist should be able to tell whether or whether not to perform that particular song.
Karisma: Do you get support from family/Church for your rap music?
Nuel Triumph: From some members of my family, yes I do. My church on the other hand, not so much. They’ve not fully embraced the idea of Christian rap yet, but I believe with time, prayer and consistency they will.
Karisma: Who are your top 10 Ghanaian rappers of all time?
Nuel Triumph: I don’t think I can accurately answer this question, being that I did not grow up with the Ghanaian rap industry. So I don’t really know its history and intricates.
Karisma: who would you say is the best lyricist among Ghanaian rappers?
Nuel Triumph: I really can’t say. I don’t follow them much.
Karisma: who is your favourite rapper in the world?
Nuel Triumph: Okay, so this is officially the toughest question ever. Hmm! Honestly, I get something from the rappers I pay close attention to. I don’t think I have a favourite. Some rappers are just too good in their zones to be compared.
Karisma: who is your favourite gospel rapper/urban gospel artist?
Nuel Triumph: I have so many favourite guys. There isn’t an absolute. Eshon Burgundy, John Givez, Jackie Hill Perry, Beleaf, Gemstones, Andy Mineo, just to mention a few. In Ghana, Regardless, The Kings’ Crew, Reinny Ray, Karisma, Kwadwo Asante, T-Digg and a few others.
Karisma: who is your favourite gospel artist in general?
Nuel Triumph: Don Moen
Karisma: Any role model in rap music?
Nuel Triumph: Lecrae
Karisma: Besides music, what else do you do?
Nuel Triumph: I’m a student.
Karisma: What is your favourite movie?
Nuel Triumph: Facing the giants.
Karisma: What is your biggest/weirdest fear?
Nuel Triumph: Not being able to finish the task assigned to me by God.
Karisma: What would you consider as your super power?
Nuel Triumph: My brain.
Karisma: What sports do you enjoy doing?
Nuel Triumph: None actually. I’m not a sports person.
Karisma: What do you like to watch on tv?
Nuel Triumph: I barely watch TV Charlie. I just watch the news sometimes. TV is boring.
Karisma: Fufu, Banku or Jollof?
Nuel Triumph: Jollof all day, errday. The Nigerian one to be precise. Lol
Karisma: if you are given a free package to travel to a country of your choice to spend a month, which country would you choose and why?
Nuel Triumph: I’d choose America, and it’s because I want to have a conversation with Eshon Burgundy and John Givez.
Karisma: Where do you expect to be in the next 5 years?
Nuel Triumph: Fulfilling God’s plan for my life.
Karisma: Any acknowledgements for anybody who has been of help in your music journey?
Nuel Triumph: Special thanks to God, He’s the central focus, my family, Piiwada, Regardless, Karisma (my run to guy), Sammo Senior High School where the dream began, my entire team (Trump Music Group) for believing in me, the whole Urban Gospel society for accepting me, and everybody who has even believed in Nuel Triumph. God bless you all.
Karisma: What would you like to say to your fans?
Nuel Triumph: There’s new music on the way, new videos, new albums, and a whole lot. I’d also want to appreciate them for the love and kind gestures they’ve always shown, and I genuinely pray that God keeps using me to bless them in every way He can. Peace and love.
Listen to Power Drunk By Nuel Triumph below:


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