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Eeeem, it is11:03pm, Saturday night, and I’m sitting on the floor in my room doing one of the ‘boring’ things I enjoy doing: writing!

I shouldn’t even be writing this in the first place because would become only a personal blog of mine by the end of April and thereafter.
I have transferred most of the articles here, to an exciting blog/online channel I am working on, which is soon to be launched.
Karismaonline Magazine is/was too broad a niche, so I thought it wise to target a more defined niche, for a more targeted audience.

I got home about an hour ago from the premiere of the much anticipated movie -John & John at the Silver Bird Cinema, Accra Mall, and I couldn’t help writing a review.
After the movie ended, the first idea that came to mind was ”write a review when you get home”.
Then I asked myself, for what?
What would be the essence, as I am at a rebranding phase in blogging/online marketing, and therefore have removed all the Google advertisements on
No ads on here, meaning I wouldn’t make any money even if this review goes viral.
Before I came to my senses and could say Jack, I had written three paragraphs, so I decided to continue anyway.

I barely go to the cinema to watch movies, but immediately I saw the cast for the John and John movie, I said to myself: “I must watch this!”.
KSM(Kwaku Sintim Misah), Nigerian movie legend- Pete Edochie, Kalybos, liwin, Grace Omaboe(aka Maame Dokono), Funny Face, John Dumelo, Nana Ama Mcbrown, the little Kumawood sensation-Dabo, Ahoufe Patri, Umar Krupp……what a star studded cast!

Anyway, I got to the Silver Bird Cinema- Accra Mall, around 6:40 pm, as the John & John movie would commence at 7pm.
I already had my tickets with me; ” tickets because I went to see the John and John movie with a friend.
I made my order two days before the premiere date- “yes I really wanted to see this movie”.
So there was no issue of joining any queue to purchase the John and John tickets at the Silver Bird premises.

I joined the queue leading to the entrance of the cinema with my friend, as we waited for the 5pm ticket holders to fully exit the cinema at the exit end.
Standing at 6 ft 3, only few guys could match my height in the crowd, and I could count them: two other guys behind me, plus the two silver bird cinema bouncers!
One of the bouncers was however taller than me.
Tall guys are rare anyway, but in Ghana, our kind is very rare, maybe it is due to too much dry tea bread and raw gari soakings-raw kp)kp)!
So it was 7pm and we were still in the queue waiting! People began to complain, but the response we got was the cinema was being cleaned, to accommodate us- the 7pm ticket holders.
I had a height advantage as I could speak directly to the bouncers, looking them straight in their faces.
The short ones were barely listened to, as the bouncers had the “I can’t hear you from up here” kinda expression on their faces.

Finally, the bouncers were alerted to let us in around 7:15pm.
There was a huge crowd, as everyone wanted to see John and John.
A huge crowd aimed at a common goal, with no organized queue, obviously means massive disorder!
This was more like a trotro rush, as old men and women, ladies, young men, teenagers, all rushed towards the cinema entrance from left, right and centre!
My friend and I were more closer to the gate, so I shielded her and a couple of ladies before me, to help them get in quickly, to prevent the rowdy guys behind me from bullying them.
Initially, it looked like the bouncers had lost control but they eventually regained it.
It took me quite longer to get in, as I was in no rush at all.

So I finally entered with expectations higher than the high heels of this lady in black, who entered just before me.
When I got to the cinema, my friend and the other two ladies I helped get in were already seated.
My seat was already waiting for me, obviously!

After the cinema was full, the lights went off and the movie began.
Just some few seconds into the movie, everybody started laughing out loud.
Of course what do you expect? Scroll back up and take a look at the John and John cast again!
The first scene involved Liwin and Kalybos so you don’t need to be told why everyone couldn’t help laughing.

About 30 minutes into the movie, the movie was paused, as some of the John and John casts walked in to say hello.
The most notable casts were Kalybos and Liwin!
You could only imagine the level of noise, laughter and cheers in the cinema, as Liwin walked in!

My view about the storyline which is devoid of sentiment, is that the storyline is impressive.
The John and John storyline is about a Kingpin(Pete Edochie), who bought fake pounds of gold from a thug(KSM).

Pete Edochie found out the gold was fake, after he had already made payments in cash to KSM’s delivery boys- Liwin and Kalybos!
Liwin and Kalybos were to deliver 1 million dollars cash, kept in a carton (box), to their boss- KSM, in Akosombo.
Pete Edochie however secretly sent two of his ‘boys'(Umar Krupp and co) to track Kalybos and Liwin, just in case he smelled any foul play.
On their way to Akosombo, their car developed a fault, so Liwin and Kalybos had to seek refuge at a nearby lodge.

When they got to the lodge, the content of the box got exposed, as Kalybos mistakingly held the box upside down after lifting it from the car!
The entire 1 million dollars cash as a result got dispersed on the ground.
Unfortunately, every soul at the lodge witnessed this!
At the lodge were mechanics-John Dumelo and Funny Face, Nana Ama Mcbrown together with her girl friends who had lodged there for Nana Ama’s Bridal shower, honeymooners- little Dabo and his wife, etc.

This didn’t look good at all, so John and John (Liwin and Kalybos) thought it wise to hide the money at a safe place in their room.
John and John planned to leave the premises of the lodge but there were rules at the lodge that nobody could leave nor enter the lodge after 6pm.
The electric gates are kept shut till sunrise!

John and John were in a huge trouble as everyone had evil eyes on the 1 million dollars they saw.
Every soul discussed strategies with their partners about how to steal the 1 million dollars cash, even the bride to be and her army of ladies!
Pete Edochie however commanded his boys to execute anyone found around the money!

Here is a case where John and John are trapped in a lodge together with people who want to steal their money!

Pete also after finding out he had been cheated, commanded his boys to kill every living organism they find near the money!
This indeed spells trouble!
With Kalybos and Liwin in charge of $1 million cash, with beautiful ladies, poor mechanics like John Dumelo and Funny Face, Greedy little man like Dabo etc, all around, you could only guess what would happen!

Continue to read below…

I must commend the art direction, it was top notch.
Sound quality was also top notch.
Every scene looked well directed.
The entire events in the movie happened in just two days, and how the movie directors handled that was impressive.
It was not boring at all.
There were no two weeks later, one year later… the entire storyline evolved around just two days!
It however reminded me of an old American comedy classic: Funny Money! In Funny money, the entire events in the movie took place in a day, in a single room, but it wasn’t boring at all.
The basics of the two storylines between John and John and Funny Money, are similar (everybody is after the same cash), but the execution of the concept however is distinct.

Compared to Kalybos in China and Amakye and Dede, John and John is an upgrade, and worth your money.
I however noticed a couple of negatives.
Yet again, Kalybos would fall in love with Ahoufe Patri!
How many times are we going to see this boring love story?
Kalybos fell in love with Ahoufe Patri in the boys kasa series, in Kalybos in China, in Amakye and Dede, and yet again in John and John! Is that the only role Ahoufe Patri can play?
Ahoufe Patri also looks too relaxed and laid back in movies, maybe it is the roles she play, but she needs to attach some urgency and aggression to her art and put in more energy in her deliveries; both in her movements and speech.

I’d like to add that, before drafting this review, I had no idea John and John was a carbon copy of South Africa’s Skeem movie(2011).
I watched the trailer for Skeem and that was the exact script used for John and John.
This was disappointing as it is hard to rate John and John based on a copied script.
That said, John and John is still a good movie.

I enjoyed this movie, I must say.
It is funny, plus there is a lot of suspense.
John and John is a must watch.

John and John is a Kofas media and Miracle Wave International production.

John and John Photo art directory by Ennoch GH.

Review by Emmanuel Osei (Karisma), owner-


Facebook Page: Karismaonline Magazine.

Thanks for reading. Exciting online infotainment blog/channel coming soon, anticipate.



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