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Karisma, real name Emmanuel Osei is a music artiste, song and script writer, composer and an online Network Marketer.
Karisma is the founder of Preach Music; a music recording label under which he records.
He is also the editor and owner of karismaonline.org.

He has two Music Albums to his credit:
1)Soul Clinic Mixtape
2)Broken Chains

The inspiration behind His stage name, Karisma(Charisma), isHis belief that God is still in the miracle business! He believes God is  Supernatural and He works through the supernatural, thus as He believes in the existence of God, He believes in the ways of God: The Supernatural! It is not only a matter of mere ‘belief’. According to him, he has experienced the ‘dunamis’ of God.
His name Karisma basically means a ‘Charismatic’ Christian who believes He can do all things through Christ who strengthens him.


He is a music lover who listens very wide.
His love for music became evident at a tender age of eight when he developed a strong interest in drums and other musical instruments like the piano.
When there was nobody watching, Karisma would sneak to go play the church drums and try his hands on the piano before he is caught.
At home he created his own drum set with sticks and empty tins.
He would sing out loud all the songs taught at school at evening time, disturbing the peace at home. On the other hand, he barely sang these same songs at school because he was a reserved kid.

His love for rap music started in Primary six when he started developing interest for music artistes like DMX and the entire Ruff Riders crew, Fat Joe, Obrafour, Lord Kenya, 2pac, Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, Nas, Eminem, Naughty by nature, Wu-Tang clan, Dr.Dre, Ludacris, 50 Cents, Ja Rule, Obie Trice and the likes.
Young Karisma could rap Fat Joe’s what’s love from start to finish. Nas’ “I can” was always on his lips; he could rap it from Genesis to Revelation.
Not forgetting Eminem’s Lose your self and Missy Elliot’s work it.
Whenever he heard hiphop music on radio, he’d quickly insert his cassette and record every music played till the end of the show.

Aside his love for hiphop, he loved almost every genre of music because he listened/listens very wide. You name them; RNb, Jazz, Blues etc.
He also listened to the likes of West Life, Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, Rod Stewards, Spice Girls, Craig David, Roxette, Bryan Adams, Sisqo etc, though most of these kinds were tagged “Girly Music”.

His religious connection to hiphop music grew stronger from primary right through Junior High to Senior High.
Of course we all know most of these mainstream rap music doesn’t do the youth any good.
This as a result subconsciously influenced Karisma’s lifestyle in terms of how he talked, dressed and walked. This was nothing to write home about as the ‘hiphopp’ lifestyle had a negative impact on him.
Karisma started writing music, both rap and rnb in Form two -Senior High.
Most of the songs he wrote then became useless  after the God experience.

The God Experience:
After High school, his love for mainstream Hiphop continued till his final year in the University of Ghana Legon where he studied Public Administration.
He was born into a Christian family but he was only a church goer who had no relationship with Christ.
It is one thing to go to church and another thing to be a Christian, Karisma said.

In his final year in the university, he chanced upon a sermon titled Examine yourself by Paul Washer, whiles surfing online.
The sermon deeply cut through his heart and he got convicted.
He downloaded the sermon but neglected both the mp3 file and the message he heard.
In the middle of the night one day in his room at home, something prompted him to go back to listen to that sermon one more time.
After listening to it the second time, it cut through his heart even more and he broke down in conviction.
That was the beginning of his quest to get closer to God. As karisma got closer to God day-in-day out, most of his old habits and the love for ‘hiphop’ automatically started falling off.
This journey has not been smooth sailing though, according to him.
“There are times you fall flat on the ground but you have to quickly wake up from your slumber by God’s help”, he said.


Junior as he is called at home, started writing ‘gospel’ music in his final year in the university.
He recorded his debut songs after University.
According to him, he doesn’t regard his music life as a career but a passion; music is an art he loves dearly.

Having enjoyed airtime play on Yfm, kapital radio and others, he is however in no rush to ‘blow up’ since he believes in “the time for everything”.
According to him, “you have to lay down your foundations right so that when the time is due, you wouldn’t build castles in the air.”

Karisma is soon to release his second Album, off which he has already released thought provoking  singles like Faith Arena ft Nuel Triumph and Thinking Aloud ft Neiyomie.
Karisma released the first promo single off the Album titled S.M.A (Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego) popularly known as We No Go Bow, on the 10th of April 2016.


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